Government, like fire, never says: “Enough!”

State Senator Yvonne Wilson, Democrat from Kansas City, is back this year with three crime-related bills that we’ve seen before. There is not much new to say except the bills have not been improved from ones that died in earlier years.

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Red light camera tickets may become illegal in Missouri

We may score a point for freedom and privacy if Senator Jim Lembke’s Senate Bill 211 is passed. That bill would outlaw the use of “automated photo red light enforcement systems” to enforce red light violations in Missouri

This would would prevent the government from sending you a ticket in the mail accusing your car of running a red light, when the only evidence is a picture of your car taken by a computer controlled camera.

Not only is it good to see someone trying to rollback the surveillance state and the loss of freedom, but this bill is a good idea because red light cameras pose safety issues of their own. Rear-end collisions can be a problem when drivers stand on the brakes to avoid getting a ticket.

Not everyone is pleased with Senator Lembke’s bill. This week a group of Missouri police chiefs have released videos of red light accidents to highlight their support for the use of such cameras.

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Their views always seem one-sided, thinking only of enforcement and never about liberty and due process.

Even though this would be another law on the books, it goes against the stream. I like it.

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