Is Governor Nixon intimidating Sunshine requestors?

Everyone has heard about the Missouri Highway Patrol & the Dept of Public Safety getting egg on their faces over the MIAC “confidential report,” they sent out to law enforcement agencies. The report noted that domestic terrorists are often supporters of Ron Paul, pro-lifers or 3rd party candidates.

One thing that has not been disclosed about this “confidential report” is where it came from. The MIAC claimed it was publicly available information. The so-called “publicly available information” sounded suspiciously like the materials of the Southern Poverty Law Center.

The SPLC presents itself as a “tolerance” group (fighting “hate”) and have been quietly feeding their “domestic terrorism” material to law enforcement for many years. When I was a prosecutor I saw this first hand. They are perfectly happy with grouping their political enemies (conservatives and libertarians like Ron Paul) in with Nazis and the KKK.

The MIAC report was an outrageous bit of work and has no place in a free country. Most people agreed. The report was roundly denounced from ALMOST every direction, the exception being Missouri Governor Jay Nixon, who originally supported the report even though he hadn’t read it. If you haven’t read it, you can read it here: Secret State Police Report: Ron Paul, Bob Barr, Chuck Baldwin, Libertarians are Terrorists

Last week, the State was forced to apologize and withdraw the report. Even Nixon was running away and pointing the blame at others. No surprise here.

But now a very disturbing report has come out of St Louis about a citizen who on March 23 faxed a Sunshine request to Governor Nixon’s office requesting information about the MIAC report.

Within six hours, two of the man’s friends were being questioned about his political beliefs by law enforcement. Within a few days, seven of the man’s friends had been interrogated by police, obviously because he had the audacity and imprudence to exercise his right to request information from the government. Read the story here: Is Nixon Abusing His Power?

Now, unless this fellow made threats in a sunshine request (which is hard to imagine) this behavior by the State is unconscionable. What’s next? Midnight shakedowns and no-knock warrants? No citizen should ever have to fear the government for exercising his statutory rights. Something must be done.

Dallas cop draws gun to stop family rushing to bedside of dying family member

Here’s a story about a Dallas cop who watched an SUV as it stopped at a red light just long enough to check for traffic before continuing on. Moments later the car–which had its hazard lights blinking–pulled in at a hospital emergency room. The family had been notified that they needed to hurry to the hospital if they were to see the wife’s mother before she died.

The cop immediately drew his gun and held the driver outside the emergency room as the driver begged the cop to write the ticket (for going through the red light) and let him go inside to his family. The cop decided the driver needed an extended attitude adjustment. The driver was NFL Player Ryan Moats, who–while obviously distressed–was unfailingly polite throughout the stop. The cop detained him for fifteen minutes while the family member inside died.

Here is the link with a video: Dallas police: Officer drew gun during traffic stop of NFL player outside hospital

Free the MoPed! A call to the legislature

Here’s a proposal for the legislature. Everybody knows someone who has had their driver’s license suspended or revoked for poor driving habits (too many points) or for a DWI. Some people lose their license for reasons that have nothing to do with actual safety (like driving with an expired license or having past due child support). It gets pretty harsh when someone gets a second DWI: Five years without a license.

This is a hardship on families and employers as well as the offender. Keep in mind that these guys are already being punished. Such a second offense always means jail time.

The state agrees that such revocations are not punishment for crime, but are merely “administrative.”

If the legislature is chiefly concerned with safety–and they ought to be–then why don’t they legalize the driving of “mopeds” or motorized bicycles without a license.

As it now stands, these gas-saving gadgets require no insurance, no helmets, no registration.

These are defined as:

Any two-wheeled or three-wheeled device having an automatic transmission and a motor with a cylinder capacity of not more than fifty (50) cubic centimeters, which produces less than three (3) gross brake horsepower, and is capable of propelling the device at a maximum speed of not more than thirty (30) miles per hour on level ground.

For obvious reasons you can’t drive them on the interstate highways. Just as obviously, the reason for the general laxity is that any danger involved is about the same as riding a bicycle. In fact, the rules of the road are the basically same for both.

The difference is that you have to have a driver’s license to ride one; and if your license is suspended or revoked, well, you don’t have a license, so  you can’t ride.

Now since these things can’t go any faster than a bicycle; and since they aren’t likely to hurt anyone other the rider himself, a law allowing unlicensed moped use for adults–and without child passengers–would seem a merciful, harmless concession to someone trying to get to a job every day. How about it?




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