Driving a La-Z-Boy While Intoxicated. Is that OK?

Sometimes the question comes up: Can you get a DWI for driving a golf cart? A tractor? How about a riding mower? Or a mini-bike? The short answer is yes. If it moves by motor power it is a motor vehicle under the DWI law.

Even so, this guy in Minnesota gets the prize for creativity:

Man pleads guilty to DWI in motorized La-Z-Boy

This chair has a lawn mower engine, headlights, stereo and cupholder. Unfortunately, the guy was on his way home from a bar when he crashed into a parked car.


Why is blackmail a crime?

David Letterman’s bizarre outing as a dirty old man raises the question: Why is blackmail a crime?

  • Is it a crime to spread gossip? No.
  • Is it a crime to pay someone not to gossip? No.
  • Is it a crime for someone to ask the subject of gossip to pay money in exchange for not spreading the gossip? Yes, in Missouri and in most other states.

The odd thing is that Letterman’s blackmailer could have spread the story of Letterman’s sexual escapades without consulting with Letterman at all. It’s sleazy, but it’s not a crime. If true, it is not even slander.

Letterman’s alternative to blackmail was to have his exploits published in the tabloids. If you look at it that way, it seems that blackmail–rather than being a crime–gave Letterman an additional option. That is, the blackmailer gave him the chance to kill the story in exchange for money.  And having a choice, Letterman is arguably better off.

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