Borat is spamming my blog!

blocksSomeone asked me why it takes time for comments to show on the blog. That’s because I have to read them first because most of them–let’s say 95%–are spam.

These stupid ads are annoying and irrelevant, and worse, insulting. Some English-as-a-third-language copyrighter imagines that you are dumb enough to click one of these ads :

  • Prepare to women day NOW Viagra try its the best. Happiness can be you most soon. You read now. (link removed)
  • I had tried ViARGA and that was really cool… Now I know everything’s gonna be ok. I look for here: (link removed)
  • I found FLOWER for WOMEN Deliver flower (link removed)
  • Hi guys! You be many-sided. Very important message. Everyone must to read. (link removed)

Either Borat is spamming my blog or a web bot is leaving comments from the script of “The Russians Are Coming! The Russians Are Coming!” ? (Emeergency! Everyone to get from street!).

Anyhow, that’s why the comments are delayed a few minutes or hours. Real comments are–of course–welcome.