Don’t talk to the police. Even if you (think) are innocent.

Jefferson City Criminal LawyerReaders of this blog surely know not to answer questions if approached or stopped by police. They know not to consent to any search EVER. How many ways can one repeat such words of wisdom?

For anyone wanting to know exactly WHY this is such good advice, you must watch this excellent video by a law school professor and former criminal defense attorney on why you should never, never, NEVER agree to be interviewed by the police:

Come back with a warrant

2 thoughts on “Don’t talk to the police. Even if you (think) are innocent.

  1. That’s a totally wonderful video! A little long, but chock full of useful info.

    I didn’t know it was a right to not talk to the police. I guess we have the mentality in America that we must blindly follow authority figures… and cops have a high perceived authority.

  2. Amy Tyler says:

    Saw this before, yes, very good especially in light of an increasingly aggressive police department.

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