Ending holiday gunfire doesn’t go far enough

Senate Bill 60 would expand the crime of Unlawful Use of a Weapon to anyone who “discharges or shoots a firearm into the air for celebratory purposes in an urban area.”

SamThis will be a felony and will doubtless increase civility and safety among city-dwellers. Happy New year and Fourth of July!

I submit, however, there is more to be done. Today I was watching a movie, Back to the Future, Part III, when I was reminded of a remaining loophole in the Missouri weapons statute. Many of you will recall this pitiless scene:

BUFORD: Mad Dog? I hate that name. I hate it, you hear? Nobody calls me Mad Dog. ‘Specially not some, duded-up, egg sucking, guttertrash.

Buford starts shooting at the floor around Marty’s feet. Marty jumps and cries out.


BUFORD: Dance! Come on! Come on, runt, you can dance . . . (fires another shot) better than that!

Marty keeps moving his feet, finally ending up in a Michael Jackson “moonwalk.”

danceI wanted to cry.

Not to criticize Senator Yvonne Wilson’s efforts, but it would have been simple matter to add language making it a crime to “discharge or shoot a firearm into the ground for the purpose of making another person dance.” Maybe next year.

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