Illegal photography of a police officer.

Hey fellas, I’m just getting your picture.”

Then he snapped the photo. Deputy McCloud – who has been on the force only 18 months – told him that photographing him was illegal.

“I asked, ‘what planet are you from?’,” Conover said.

That was the response of Scott Conover who appeared to take a photo of an on-duty sheriff’s deputy.  The whole story is a good read. Click here. The deputy was not entirely unreasonable. He offered to forget the whole thing if Conover would erase the picture. Conover said no dice. The deputy arrested him. So Conover tossed the camera iPhone to his 12-year-old daughter who took more pictures.

Goofy incidents like this are proof that not every police officer has yet heard the message:  Camera phones & video & sound recorders are everywhere and there is no escaping them.

It is long past time for anyone–including police officers–to get all bent out of shape over it.

  • Note: I realize this depends on the assumption that that using your badge and handcuffs to imprison someone who does something you don’t like qualifies as getting “bent out of shape.” I think it does.

I’m not a fan of having surveillance everywhere, but if I’m in a public place, I have no right to complain if someone takes my picture. Neither does the misguided Deputy McCloud. I am curious to learn if the deputy was able to find a prosecutor who was willing to file the charges.

Here’s an earlier post on the subject of videotaping the police. This videotaped incident cost the officer his job.

and here is another . . .

The time is ripe for Missouri to record police interrogations

9 thoughts on “Illegal photography of a police officer.

  1. Thanks for posting this message. I don’t always comment even though I am reading your blog. The public and defendant’s are often photographed without permission without anyone arresting anyone. But, some police officers think they are the law or that they are above the law. No one is the law and no one is aboe the law.

    Yours in the Defense of Fellow Human Beings,
    Glen R. Graham, Attorney at Law, Tulsa, Oklahoma

  2. Well he’s just like a paparazzi that shoots with a camera without permission but still remain on the streets.

  3. That does bring up an interesting question for sure. So many of my clients wind up with pictures or media that they do not want.

  4. Mountain City Resident says:

    Where did you get the information that Deputy McCloud lost his job? This is false! Not only did this officer of the law NOT lose his job, he was actually given a promotion to undercover drug enforcement officer. This “officer” now spends a good deal of his day getting citizens of Johnson County to set up undercover drug deals so that he can make a bust.
    Maybe the Sheriff just wanted him out of the company marked car.

  5. mezs says:

    Well I live in Mtn.City,the police pick and choose who to arrest and who to give a hard time to.If you are a person from a family with the Good Old Boys club or some family who has a family in-law inforce you will walk.

  6. mezs says:

    Oh McClod still has his job.

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