Missouri bill: Armed teachers & principals coming?

House Bill 70 , filed 12/18/2012 by Representative Mike Kelley  of Lamar, MO would permit Missouri school teachers and administrators to carry a concealed handgun on school premises.

The change will be a modification of the current Missouri concealed carry law, and would allow teachers and administrators to carry concealed if they obtained a concealed-carry permit. They would have to go through the normal background checks and training required for such permits.

Nothing in the existing law prohibits the school officials or the governing body of a school/district from giving permission now for anyone to carry a concealed weapon in the school if they possess a permit. The effect of the new law would be to allow teachers and administrators to carry without express permission.


One thought on “Missouri bill: Armed teachers & principals coming?

  1. I really don’t think that bringing more guns in is going to solve the problem. It would not be hard for a child to grab the gun from the teacher’s holster or a draw that he/she keeps it in.

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