Missouri could hire unemployed abortionists to perform executions

blocksSenate Bill 370 is in the news. It would require abortion clinics that perform at least five first trimester abortions in a month to qualify as an “ambulatory surgical center.” Critics say the bill would shut down the Columbia and Kansas City clinics, apparently due to the expense of complying with the tougher safety regulations.

executionerIf that happened, I assume that a few folks would be looking for a job.

Another item in the news during the last year has to do with the Missouri death penalty not being handled properly and whether being executed might actually hurt a bit. When it’s sorted out they may still have to find a doctor willing do the job. And that can be a problem in itself. Many doctors–being committed to saving lives, not taking them–are just not interested.

I was thinking that if one or more of these clinics shut down, the doctor who was doing the abortions might be just the guy to hire as the state executioner. After all, it’s hard to imagine that an out-of-work abortionist would have any moral qualms about killing a lawfully convicted first degree murderer.