MO state rep says cameras to protect police, not citizens

blocksI don’t know what is more disturbing about this report from KMOV in St. Louis:

  1. that a seemingly abusive St Louis police officer brutally struck a hand-cuffed teenager in the head and was then acquitted of assault by a St Louis judge who (for reasons unknown) refused to admit the video of the unprovoked  assault into evidence; or
  2. that Missouri State Representative Jeff Roorda–who is also spokesman for the  police union–defended the officer’s attack on the suspect and argued that police vehicle cameras should be used to protect the police, not to make them accountable for wrongdoing.

Decide for yourself.  The link and video are below.  It raises the question of how well Roorda can represent both the St Louis area citizens of District 113 and rogue cops at the same time.

Surveillance video released of St. Louis officer allegedly beating handcuffed teen

Full video follows the news story:

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