New law would make Missouri drug dealers easier to find

Randy England- criminal defense lawyerSuppose someone is not an illegal drug user, but would like to become one. None of his friends sell drugs. Perhaps none of them can recommend a reliable drug dealer. Where can he turn?

Missouri House Bill 1242, prefiled by Cassville Representative David Sater, would direct the Highway patrol to create and maintain a public database of drug dealers. Since selling illegal drugs is … well … illegal, Missouri has no licensing scheme to assure consumers that they are patronizing knowledgeable, experienced drug dealers. Under HB 1242, consumers would finally have some assurance that they are not dealing with inexperienced providers.

In fact, only sellers who have at least one conviction (or finding of guilty) for distributing illegal drugs will be placed on the approved list of drug dealers. The Highway patrol will provide the dealer’s name, date of birth, what drug offenses they committed along with any other information the patrol determines is necessary to be able to identify the person.

With such information at hand, consumers should find it easier to find a drug dealer in their area.

Drug dealers wishing to stay on the official list will have to get a new conviction for drug dealing at least every seven years, which should not present any undue hardship.

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