Tasing the young, the old, the weak and the handicapped.

While taser use continues to kill people here and there, the most common abuses tend toward simple electronic attitude adjustment of people who apparently did not get the memo about bandying words with a cop. The variety of people who dare to differ with a police officer is fascinating: children, old ladies, pregnant women. Here are a just a few that have appeared recently. Don’t miss the last one!

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Let’s start with this pathetic deaf guy who was taking too long to use the toilet in a public restroom. They called the police.

The police–as always–demanded his identification.

Being deaf, however, he had trouble understanding all the commotion over his using the toilet. So . . . they tased him. Here it is:

Like the man said, “We were worried about his well-being and we want this man to be able to trust the police.”  So we broke into his stall while he was taking a dump, tased and maced him.

* * *

This next one shows mom getting tased in front of the kids. She should have stayed in the car. This one is a great example of the principle that if the cop–however foolishly–says you are under arrest, then by heaven, no power can change it. The law enforcement principle here seems to be that if the motorist is upset, the cop’s job is not to de-escalate the situation, but instead to bring it to a boil . . . and use his taser. 

It seems this mom was having trouble with her 14 year old daughter and brought her to the police station “to get help” but the girl ran out to a nearby park, where the police chief caught up with her and tased her in the head and the probe went into her BRAIN. Here you go:

In this one, the police break up a kids family baptism party. Too noisy they said. They tased the grandfather who was “disorderly” and didn’t identify himself in his own backyard. Then they tased a pregnant mother who tried to help Grandpa when he went down.

Here is a tiny great-grandmother getting tased. She is a mouthy one. I can honestly say I’ve known a few cops who could have avoided tasing her, but not many.

Finally, this last one is not for the squeamish. I guess it’s easy to second guess decisions that officers have only seconds to make. You be the judge:

OK, just kidding.

Come back with a warrant

Moberly pays $2.4 million for police taser homicide

The Associated press is reporting that the city of Moberly will pay millions to the family of a young man tasered to death after he resisted arest by arguing with Moberly police officers. Police had suspected him of driving while intoxicated. Story is here: Moberly to pay $2.4 million in Taser lawsuit settlement.

As I predicted back at the time of the incident–see Missouri man dies after Taser fired during traffic stop–the police tasering was found to be justified. Even though no criminal charges were filed, the city has suspended police use of tasers in addtion to paying the $2.4 million settlement.

Come back with a warrant

Don’t tase me, officer! More electronic attitude adjustment.

Update on that tasered guy that fell off the bridge in Columbia, MO:

The Columbia police department has finished investigating itself and found that its officers acted properly. You can read the official police report* showing that this incident was a comedy of errors with officers making multiple attempts to tase this guy when he was not far off the ground; then farther off the ground, and still farther . . .

The fourth attempt was successful, but unfortunately, the man had nearly reached the maximum height of the overpass when one of the officers finally got his taser to work.

* The officer’s names are blacked out to preserve their privacy.

This video of the incident shows just how how far this fellow fell under the influence of a taser. It appears to be maybe 18 inches short of the full height of the overpass. Ouch!

“Yeah, Doc. The taser hurt so much, I hardly noticed the fall”

More unfortunate taser incidents have been in the news here in Missouri. There was a fellow in Columbia on a highway overpass threatening to kill himself.

Once Columbia police managed to get him to safety an officer used a taser on him. The cop missed and the guy panicked & ran back out onto the overpass.

Fifteen feet above the ground, a second officer tried and succeeded in tasing the guy right off the bridge.  The fall put him in the hospital with two broken arms, a fractured skull and possibly a broken jaw.

Columbia police were questioned with regard to their taser use policy which reads: “Officers shall not use a taser on someone that is in a position where a fall would likely cause serious injury or death.” They wanted to stop him before he got to the middle of the bridge where the drop was even longer than the 15 feet he actually fell.  Links to story:  1 , 2.

Here is the video:

I guess the question everybody is asking is whether he ought to have been tased while he was out on the overpass at all.

? ? ?

This other incident involved a 16 year old the police found lying on the shoulder of U.S. 65: Parents question why Ozark police used stun gun on injured son

He had apparently fallen from a nearby overpass. His back and foot were broken and he appeared confused. Ozark police commented:

He refused to comply with the officers and so the officers had to deploy their Tasers in order to subdue him,” Capt. Thomas Rousset said. “He is making incoherent statements; he’s also making statements such as, ‘Shoot cops, kill cops,’ things like that. So there was cause for concern to the officers.”

So they tasered this kid 19 times.

Tasering a kid for saying “kill cops” sounds like some “zero tolerance” policy by the Ozark police.  It reminds me of the grade school principal who kicks a kid out of school for drawing a PICTURE of a gun. It’s pure overkill.

But that kid is just lucky he didn’t say something like “Bang! Bang!” They might have really come down on him then.

I expect taser use to be questioned more as time goes on. It’s just so clean and easy to use. Officers who used to have to scuffle with suspects can simply push a button. No more torn shirt pockets or grass stains on the uniform. And it sure goes a long way toward correcting disrespectful attitudes. That’s because it’s a heckova lot like torture.

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Tasers: Safety measure or Electronic attitude adjustment?

Missouri man dies after Taser fired during traffic stop

Suspect Dead After Moberly Police Use Taser

TaserMoberly Police apparently killed a 23-year-old drunk driving suspect with a taser early this morning during a traffic stop. Police Commander Kevin Palmatory said the young man resisted arrest, so the officer used his Taser twice. The suspect died at the scene.

I’m going to go out on a limb and predict that this homicide will be ruled to be justified because the officer was following departmental rules. Perhaps someone needs to look at those rules again. One of these days, a wise police chief will announce that taser use will be limited to situations that would otherwise justify the use of deadly force. If that were the case, this kid would be alive today.

Tasers to be outlawed in Missouri? Well, sort of.

We hear in the news nearly every week how the police have either misused a Taser on somebody or killed somebody with one. Read: Tasers: Safety measure or Electronic attitude adjustment?

There is a bill in the Missouri Senate which –at first glance–I wondered if it might address this problem. But it does not. Sen. Yvonne Wilson is sponsoring Senate Bill 813, which would make ownership, possession or discharge of a taser a felony.

This prohibition would not apply, however, to police and a handful of other persons in legal/security related professions.

For some reason, I don’t feel any better now.

And now this ironic note from our Straining at Gnats and Swallowing Camels Dept

  • In Missouri, you can carry a firearm openly. You can carry it concealed, if you get a permit. You can carry it at home or concealed in your car even without a permit.
  • Now with a knife, you can own and carry one, but not concealed. You can’t get a permit.
  • Finally–if this bill passes–you cannot even own a Taser, let alone use it, even to protect against an intruder in your own home..


Taser and gasoline: New way to commit “suicide by cop?”

I was just reading about the unhinged guy in Texas who threatened to burn himself and his house. It seems he doused himself with gas and when a Texas Ranger shot him with a Taser, the poor guy burst into flames and was burned to death.

There was also a theory that a lighter was the actual source of the fire. I wonder if Texas uses the Taser with the video camera aboard like our local sheriff?

At least then they could tell exactly what happened.

I hope Sheriff White has taken note of this story.