Top Ten (10) Things NOT to Do If You Are Arrested

I ran across a link that mixes some legal advice along with practical advice if you are arrested. The sad truth is that few people follow these rules; and those who do probably learned the lesson the hard way: first hand experience. If I ever ran across a defendant that followed these rules completely . . . well I don’t know. I never met a man who followed them all.  Click here for a nice read:

Top Ten (10) Things NOT to Do If You Are Arrested.

The writer mentions some other cautions, but I want to emphasize that this is not the time to argue with, fight or try to match wits with the police:

  • If you refuse to agree to a search, don’t try to prevent it if it happens anyway.
  • If you refuse to let police enter your house, but they do anyway, DO NOTHING to stop them. Don’t resist beyond saying “no.”.
  • If you don’t agree to go talk at the police station, don’t resist if they make you go.
  • Even if the police are in the wrong, NEVER RESIST. You and your attorney can sort that out much better later on.

When I was the State, I lost count of the number of cases that landed on my desk where the ONLY CHARGE was assaulting a law enforcement officer or resisting arrest. Translation: If the defendant hadn’t acted like a fool, he’d have gotten away without a criminal charge at all.